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Tips For Boiler Maintenance - Blog

Keeping your boiler properly maintained is not only a safety requirement but it also results in the financial reward of significant energy savings. There are many ways in which you can help keep your boiler functioning optimally and they include:

  • Visually inspect your boiler for damages, abnormalities, and inconsistent pressure readings every month or at the very least; at the end of every season. Contact a technician immediately if any leaks are detected or if the operating pressure is different from the manuals recommendation.
  • The boiler itself and the surrounding area around it should be kept clean and clear at all times. Nothing should be stored on or near the boiler.
  • Have the boiler professionally serviced at least once annually.
  • If there is a radiator associated with the boiler; ensure that it is kept clean and clear at all times. Bleed the radiator about once every few months and at the same time; check the radiators drain valve to ensure that there are no accumulating sediments inside. Consult the manual for proper cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • If you have a gas boiler; check the air vents and flues regularly for blockage(s).
  • Check the water level regularly to ensure proper water level is maintained at all times.
  • De-scale your boiler if any lime-scale buildup is noticed.
  • Flush the boiler biannually by draining all the water from it and then refill with fresh water. Clean the interior, de-scale if needed, and replace all gaskets at this time as well.