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We can offer you a boiler replacement service by our first class engineers. If you would like us to provide a quotation on a brand new boiler please don't hesitate to contact us. Our engineers will help you make the correct choice when purchasing a new boiler.

Purchasing a replacement boiler is without doubt going to be one of the most expensive appliance purchases a household will make. It's of paramount importance to select the best replacement boiler for your home or business.


A combi-boiler will provide heat for your radiators and offer hot water on demand. This is a very popular choice for domestic households. A combi-boiler functions via an input of cold water straight from a mains supply and heating the water as you require. This removes the need for a separate hot water storage tank/cylinder.


  • All components necessary are stored in the boiler. They provide a much more compact solution.
  • Immediate hot water available on demand without the requirement of a tank/storage solution, often stored in the loft location of the property.


  • Only suitable for a small household. In reality you will only receive hot water throughput to one device, ie, a shower.

Conventional Boiler (Heat only boiler)

A conventional boiler will require a storage tank/water cylinder in which the hot water is stored. The system can be enabled and disabled so you can provide hot water only when required.


  • Much better suited to large households in which multiple persons will require hot water at the same time.


  • Once the hot water is depleted from the tank/storage system you will be required to wait.

Boiler Efficiency:

Gas central heating provided by your boiler will account for 60-70% of your home emissions. Selecting the correct efficiency is key to lowering your energy bills and reducing your footprint on the environment.

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